Shrink Wrapping Services

 Shrink wrapping service in Virginia.


Shrink Wrapping Overview

Within the contract packaging industry, Techni-Pak is one of the nation’s leading providers of shrink wrap services. We focus on high quality, high volume projects. Our unparalleled shrink wrap capacity makes us the go-to company when our customers have tight deadlines but aren’t willing to sacrifice the quality of their packages.


Shrink Wrapping Services – Highlights and Facts

Shrink wrapping service in VA

  • 4 high speed shrink wrap machines
  • Capacity to shrink wrap over 360,000 pieces a day
  • In-house experts who advise customers on the best film for their specific project
  • Focus on quality – no rips or broken seems allowing long shelf life
  • Experts in Big Box Multi-Pack sets
  • Quick turn-arounds – in and out in the same day
  • Automatic feeders allow multi-piece projects to be fully automated
  • Competitive pricing – we will beat or match any of our competitors
  • Ability to build custom packaging lines that combine hand assembly and automated shrink wrapping


Applicable Industries

  • Cosmetics and Beauty
  • Printing and Publishing
  • Medical Packaging
  • Big Box Packaging
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food
  • Pet Products
  • Marketing Services and Promotional Projects
  • Gift Boxes
  • Military equipment