Specialty Food Packaging

Customer: Specialty Food Manufacturer

Specialty Food Packaging in Virginia

Techni-Pak role

Our customer supplied peanut brittle for a national retailer’s private label holiday promotion. Several truckloads of bulk food were sent to Techni-Pak for final packaging in the FDA-certified portion of its facility. After weigh-scaling the right amount of product per customer specifications, Techni-Pak filled each clamshell container. After clamshell was sealed, product labels with product and nutritional information were applied to the package in exact location. The food packages were then placed in cartons, palletized and distributed directly to the end-customer’s distribution centers.



Given the size (over 300k units) and holiday nature of this promotion, the turnaround times required for this project were very tight. Techni-Pak was able to beat deadlines while still maintaining the quality necessary to have no rejects or returns. The project was successful for both the customer and the end-customer and as a result will be completed again next year.