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Techni-Pak builds long-lasting relationships with its customers by providing unsurpassed customer service and on-time delivery of the highest quality contract packaging services at the best possible price. Whether assisting in the execution of a large or unique project or taking over an entire portion of a customer’s operation, Techni-Pak offers a wide array of services that enables its customers to reduce costs, execute challenging orders, meet tight deadlines and generally operate more efficiently.

We are in the business of helping businesses grow and become more profitable. Call today to see how Techni-Pak can help you with your contract packaging needs!


The Benefits of Contract Packaging

Increased Profitability – It is often more cost effective to outsource packaging rather than building in-house capabilities requiring investment in personnel and machinery.

Faster Speed – Contract packagers have multiple lines and advanced machinery that results in faster turn-times for large volume projects.

Greater Flexibility – Contract packagers are only used when needed which helps manage seasonal demand for products.

Better Focus – By outsourcing packaging, companies can focus on their core competencies of product development and marketing.

More Expertise – Contract packagers have decades of experience and their expertise can be utilized to determine the best packaging solutions for companies and their products.

New Growth – Contract packagers can opens up new sales channels such as big-box stores and discount stores by re-packing existing products and inventory.

Reduced Manpower – Contract packagers hire, train and manage a variable workforce so companies don’t have to.


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