FDA Regulated Products

FDA Regulated Products

FDA Regulated Products Overview

In terms of which products are regulated by the FDA, you have to understand that the Food and Drug Administration represents an extremely broad group. Essentially, everything they do comes down to protection. They provide this protection in the form of not only regulatory measures and processes for companies and individuals to follow, but also in the form of information.

It is important to understand the type of relationship your company is going to have with the FDA. To that end, it is worth learning more about FDA regulated products.

Which Industries Are Regulated By The FDA

A variety of industries and products are subject to regulation by the FDA. Let’s focus on four major industries that must work in cooperation with the FDA on one level or another:

  •  The Food Industry: This is one of the industries that almost everyone understands must adhere to the processes and guidelines established by the FDA. The range of products within the food industry that are regulated by the FDA include dietary supplements, bottled water products, food additive products, infant formula products, and much more.
  • Pharmaceuticals: As you can imagine, the FDA plays a significant role in the regulation and management of the pharmaceuticals industry. This includes prescription drugs, which includes both brand-name drugs and generic counterparts, as well as over-the-counter drugs. Companies that wish to seek FDA approval on their products must adhere to a strict, often lengthy process. You may notice that certain products that tout supposed health benefits come with a warning that indicates that none of their promises are endorsed by the FDA.
  • Cosmetics: This industry constitutes a large proportion when it comes to the question of which products are regulated by the FDA. More specifically, the FDA deals with such things within the cosmetics industry as the color additives that exist in makeup and various personal care items, skin moisturizer products, cleanser products, nail polishes and perfumes.
  • Tobacco: In this day and age, it’s hard to imagine a product like tobacco would ever be approved by the FDA if it were released today. Nonetheless, the FDA works closely with the litany of tobacco products currently on the market, including cigarettes, cigarette tobaccos, roll your own tobacco and smokeless tobacco.

These are just four specific industries that are subject to the rules and regulations of the FDA. In addition to this, the FDA may advise the public on certain aspects of all covered industries.